Let's ward off

bad design.

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About Me (Hello!)

I am a graphic/motion designer working locally in southern Illinois and remotely…well, everywhere! I graduated from Southern lllinois University Carbondale with degrees in Communication Design and Art History. Between classes, I was a graphic designer for AlterEgo Marketing in Herrin, the Vice President of Marketing in co-ed business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and an animator working for the SIUC Office of IT.

I created a Facebook page in 2017 to showcase my skills in graphic design, web design, and media (and hopefully earn some money along the way). Over the years I’ve improved exponentially through my education and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. I started building a brand – Evil Eye Creative Studio – and became a registered business in 2019.

In older societies, seeing was thought of more along the lines of touching – an active thing, not passive – and you could therefore give someone bad luck or misfortune by touching them with your “evil eye.” More broadly, the evil eye was a presence to beware of and protect yourself from. To do so, many charms evolved, including…”evil eyes.” So, to protect yourself from the evil eye, you might wear one! My enchantment with ancient art and cultures drew me to this idea while coming up with a brand. I believe that seeing is an active process that we must be aware of, though in a more metaphorical sense than our ancestors. Therefore, my brand evolved as a protective Evil Eye, warding off bad design and protecting clients from unfair dealings.