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All of the prices listed are estimates only. Depending on the size of your business and specific needs, prices may be lower or higher. Many services are difficult to assign a value to until you have had a social media / web audit to determine your needs.

Because of the COVID-19 closures, I am offering free social media / web audits for a limited time. I will review all of your profiles and sites – for free – and offer suggestions to make them engaging (or how to create them if you do not have them). I think these audits could greatly improve the situation of those struggling to reach students, customers, or volunteers because they were thrown into full-on digital with little to no notice. If you would like to hire me to implement my suggestions, I am glad to discuss options, but I do not intend to make money from this gesture. I believe that people should help each other especially in times of crisis, and I happen to be able to do something relevant to our current situation. I retain the right to refuse service, but I hope to help as many as possible. I hope you are safe and well!

Wix or wordpress site

Note: Wix is recommended if you would like to edit your website unassisted; WordPress uses more code knowledge.

New Domain $1000
Hosting available through additional custom quote
Moving Existing Domain $1500
Pricing may be flexible depending on domain registry

Site Editing Services
Quoted hourly or covered by a $150/month retainer fee (may be combined with other retainers for discount)

Content Generation
Quoted hourly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Quoted hourly

Email Distribution

Mailchimp is the recommended platform, but other options like EventBank or Constant Contact can be discussed.

Setup Services

Setup of Email Distribution Service $100
Monthly fees depend on plan

Management Services

Quoted hourly or covered by a $150/month retainer fee (may be combined with other retainers for discount)
Includes drafting, sending, scheduling, and collecting data G Suite Setup (custom email addresses)
Only available with domain access
First user $100
Each additional user $50
Monthly fees depend on plan

Wix sites include an option for custom email addresses. Please mention if you would like this service with your site.

Social Media

Social media assistance is priced per platform, but joint rates are available if you are seeking multi-platform options (for example, if you need Facebook and Twitter instead of just a Facebook page).

Content Generation
New Profile Assets $150
Video banner extra $100
Custom Post Graphics (ea.) $100
Video posts available, custom quote

Generation of New Social Channels
You provide assets $250
No pre-existing assets $350

Content Scheduling
Quoted hourly or covered by a $150/month retainer fee (may be combined with other retainers for discount)
Setup of third-party scheduling apps available for $150 (with or without Evil Eye Creative managing the accounts)
Tutorials on content scheduling (one-on-one calls with screen sharing) available if needed, custom quote

Analytics, Ad Campaigns, or Boosted Posts
Custom quotes only

Other - Contact

Sign up for your FREE social media / web audit or request a custom quote by filling out this form.

Custom quotes may include other services not listed here, including but not limited to print production / print marketing, promotional product design / bulk orders, data sorting / analytics, and more. Fill out the form below to receive your custom quote.

    Custom SVG Files for cricut and silhouette

    My most recent endeavors have led to me designing a loooooooot of t-shirts and vinyl decals. Check out my Etsy store if you’re looking for some fun designs to cut out on your Cricut, Silhouette, or (if you’re like me) your 62-inch Graphtec!