Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools

The Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools (AIRSS) is the only advocacy group in Illinois that focuses specifically on the issues of rural schools.

Logo Refresh

Any time a project or IAART derivative needed a mark, I created it.

New Website

I worked with the RSC team to create several video projects. In some cases, I did full production; in others, I simply added motion graphics. You can view all of the videos created for the campaign on the IAART YouTube channel. I’ve included a playlist here with only the videos I had a hand in making.

Mail and Email Campaigns

The 50 States in 50 Weeks Project was created to drive social media engagement for the IAART Campaign. Each week, I created a graphic showing the location of every district containing a rural school in a given state. These states are listed below in alphabetical order. Click any state to view it full-size.

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