I Am A Rural Teacher is a collaborative project presented by the National Rural Education Associaton and the Rural Schools Collaborative. It was graciously funded – in the form of an advocacy and awareness campaign – by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I had the pleasure to be a Communications and Design Consultant for the entire run of this campaign in 2020, working directly with team members from NREA, RSC, and BMGF.

Project Logos

Any time a project or IAART derivative needed a mark, I created it.

Video Work

I worked with the RSC team to create several video projects. In some cases, I did full production; in others, I simply added motion graphics. You can view all of the videos created for the campaign on the IAART YouTube channel. I’ve included a playlist here with only the videos I had a hand in making.

50 States in 50 Weeks Project

The 50 States in 50 Weeks Project was created to drive social media engagement for the IAART Campaign. Each week, I created a graphic showing the location of every district containing a rural school in a given state. These states are listed below in alphabetical order. Click any state to view it full-size.

Teacher Perspectives

On the marketing side, I assisted in facilitating a social media campaign for IAART. This included several projects meant to collect teacher perspectives so we could share them. I created the IAART Facebook page in January, and it now has over 1000 followers. I also collected over 100 perspectives, mostly through my COVID-19 Rural Community Impact Project. Finally, I created an interactive map showcasing the stories collected throughout the year, as well as a full map of the rural schools using data from the 50 States in 50 Weeks Project. This is included below, as well as a written list.